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Training and Development on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.



There is only one way into the PLC Associates, Inc. Team – by invitation as you are recognized as an expert in your field. Fourteen of us are recognized by the New York State Department of Education as Outside Educational Experts (OEEs)

  • Meet our Associates:

  • Dr. Margaret Jones-Carey
  • Janice Lutterbein
  • Karen Markoff
  • Dr. Tamara Lipke
  • Dr. Deana Stevenson
  • Gregory Speranza
  • Terry Quinn
  • Carolyn Tinsley
  • Tammy Farrell
  • Dr. Elise Russo

  • Dr. Diane Reed
  • Janet Gillmeister
  • Linda Sykut
  • Donna Fountain
  • Dr. Corliss Kaiser
  • Dr. Randy Richards
  • Dr. Sandy Mattison
  • Barbara Colwell
  • Andrew Rudd


  • Meet our Administrative/Technical Team:

  • Ashley Oliver: Data Services Cordinator
  • Jackie McCullen: Data & Analytics
  • Brittney Lohmiller: Quality Assurance
  • Casey Schultz: Client Services Coordinator


Our incredible Administrative/Technical Team is responsible for analytics for our surveys, construction of reports, statistical analysis, logistics, creation of tools, design of materials and all around support. They are a great group!