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Diverse People and Training Concepts

We value results. We will work with you to achieve exactly that. We will develop, collaboratively, a clear vision of what is to be accomplished. Our role is to support your work – and get you there.


At PLC Associates, we work with schools, service organizations, enterprise level corporations, and businesses.


With our schools – we are about improving outcomes for students. Our Associates utilize their expert knowledge and experience base gained from working in vast numbers of schools, to quickly and effectively build the proven structures, practices and systems which drive results. We work with school leaders and staff to integrate some of the most powerful protocols for initiating positive school change. These include: data driven instruction, teacher-led learning walks, school-wide data dashboards, curriculum alignment, administrative walkthroughs, student engagement, higher-order questions, use of formative assessments, learning targets, student-led conferences…the list continues.


Our work touches all aspects of the business, identifying the areas where better processes, communication and alignment will lead to better business performance and a stronger family. Our team of Associates includes specialists in all areas, including management, finance, governance, psychology, team building, communications, conflict resolution, succession planning, and strategic planning. We listen and learn about both strengths and challenges before exploring solutions, choosing a course of action, and implementing plans that lay the foundation for a successful future.

  • Our Schools

We know schools. Penny Ciaburri, personally, has worked in over 400 schools, coast to coast. Penny is responsible for hands-on project management of all school initiatives. This ensures perfect execution, collaboration, integration and alignment of all activities. And – most important, this supports clear and consistent communication throughout our work.


DTSDE Supports for NYS Schools: New!   


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  • Business and Industry

When starting in a new industry or new position, people want to be trained the right way. Here at PLC Associates, we provide extensive training specifically catered to each individual’s unique learning style and skill level. Our training incorporates client representation as well as management training within the company.


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