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PLC Book Studies

Join PLC hosts as they lead conversation among educators that lead to application of new and existing ideas and strategies in schools and classrooms. This is a great way to focus on issues and content related to school improvement, best practices, and helping to build the culture you envision for your school community.

Our book studies chose prominent texts and consist of inquiry-based discussions that represent and support the powerful shifts happening in education now.

PLC Book Studies are for ALL educators- district leaders, including central office and school building administrators, and teachers seeking to level-up their professional learning, lead change in their districts and schools, and connect with others. College leaders, please consider joining!

We will be using LinkedIn to register and conduct our shared learning and reflection. Connect with us to stay in-touch with what we are reading and our upcoming studies.



PLC Upcoming Book Studies

A New Era for Culture, Change, and Leadership!
Get your books ready! We are reading “Leading In A Culture of Change” (Michael Fullan).

Join in with hosts Emory Roethel and Janet Gillmeister for great questions and insights as we move our schools forward.

Begin reading your book (or buy yourself a copy), the first-round of questions on chapters 1 and 2 will be posted on Wednesday, August 18th within the event’s conversation. This will allow you the flexibility to participate as well as respond your colleague’s responses throughout the following week.

A leader’s role in the management of change is a critical issue for successful outcomes of strategic initiatives and dealing with issues of complex change under uncertain circumstances. Edleaders have demonstrated immense commitment and flexibility in response to their school’s needs this past year. This response has prompted an increase in organizational changes related to how “we do school” in order to seek new ways to provide all students the education they deserve and an opportunity to transform education across whole systems.

In this book study, we will be reflecting on our own leadership practices and learn how to identify new opportunities to integrate the five core competencies Fullan describes as essential- attending to a broader moral purpose, keeping on top of the change process, cultivating relationships, sharing knowledge, and setting a vision and context for creating coherence in organization. These competencies will empower you to foster of a culture of leadership for the creation of the capacity necessary to deal with the issues of complex change.

The flow of our book study: (we will use the event’s conversation to post questions and respond)
Wednesday, August 18- questions posted on Chapters 1 & 2
Wednesday, August 25- questions posted on Chapters 3 & 4
Wednesday, Sept 1- questions posted on Chapters 5 & 6
Wednesday, Sept 8- questions posted on Chapter 7

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