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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

That is exactly who we are… and everyone on our team lives up to the highest standards and strives to nurture productive and successful learning environments and maximize the growth mindset of every teacher, principal, educational leader, or business professional.

Our educational consultants hold explicit credentials and precise expertise in a variety of settings, including schools, businesses, and the public sector. Our team’s combined expertise allows our clients ﹣ no matter if we’re working closely with business professionals, teachers, principals, or all members of your school district as a whole ﹣ to hit the ground running. And the result: A powerful impact that everyone notices immediately.

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From Penny

Penny L. Ciaburri

Penny L. Ciaburri


Hello everyone, nice to meet you! Most people like to know about our history and the type of consultancy we operate. It is a great story.

After working in several organizations and watching the differences (real differences, whether a school or business) between those organizations that were successful and those that struggled with a lack of results, I decided: There was a better way. That was the risk, and in 1988, I left a great position and started PLC Associates, Inc.

We had to be different. And we are. As we say at PLC, we are not for everyone, but we are for those who are courageous enough to initiate change and brave enough to persevere through any complication. Our track record proves it: We are proud to have greater than a 99% client retention ratio. Our clients stay with us.

I believe it is the ideal blend of the relationships we develop with our clients, the powerful collective expertise we can deploy, and our relentless focus on results. Our clients trust us to accomplish the extraordinary; we take that very seriously. Whether it is a school attempting to improve student outcomes or a business engaged in strategic planning, we understand everything is on the line, every time. That is why we are known as sleeves up, high energy experts partnering with you, to achieve great things!

To your success,


How We Work

First, we listen. Through collaboration and careful assessment, we work to understand what it is you want to accomplish, as well as the challenges your teachers and leadership teams have had to face. By designing and tailoring an action plan aligned with your school district or organization’s needs and goals, we can help you adopt best practices, improve your learning environments, and pave the way for optimal student success and performance across the K-12 spectrum.

Planners. Problem Solvers. Implementers.

Protecting your resources and providing thorough, personalized feedback is at the forefront of everything we do. Simply stated: Our consulting firm is proud to serve as a comprehensive Learning Academy  that provides affordable, high-quality Signature Programs, an expansive catalog of services, virtual learning opportunities, webinars, and so much more.

Let’s dive into deeper learning together!

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