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Penny L. Ciaburri

ScreenHunter_4474-Sep.-08-12.32Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Most people like to know about our history and the type of consultancy we operate. It is a great story.


After working in a number of organizations and watching the differences, real differences, whether a school or business, between those organizations that were successful and those that struggled with a lack of results, I decided – there was a better way. That was the risk, in 1988, I left a great position and started PLC Associates, Inc.


We had to be different. And we are. As we say at PLC, we are not for everyone, but we are for those who are courageous enough to initiate change and brave enough to persevere through any complication. Our track record proves it; we are proud to have greater than a 99% client retention ratio. Our clients stay with us.


I believe it is the ideal blend of the relationships we develop with our clients, the powerful collective expertise we can deploy and our relentless focus on results. Our clients trust us to accomplish the extraordinary; we take that very seriously. Whether it is a school attempting to improve student outcomes or a business engaged in strategic planning, we understand everything is on the line, every time. That is why we are known as sleeves up, high energy experts partnering with you, to achieve great things!


To your success,