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Why use live video communication solutions for your leadership teams and teachers?

Live video communication solutions are a convenient way to extend on-site meetings and continue professional development. Our solution provides wrap-around service that increases fidelity while offering convenience and flexibility. With these options, PLC Associates can help your organization’s leadership team and teachers continue to grow while providing support and guidance in between our on-site professional development sessions.

Increased fidelity

Bring your leadership team and entire faculty together to listen and respond to the same conversations and learning at the same time.

Convenience and flexibility

Learn from the convenience of your chosen location and take advantage of this highly effective option that sustains learning and builds the skills and knowledge of your teams.

Provides seamless support

Receive personalized guidance and instruction from the associates who have been working with your teams when in-district. Periodic live video communication sessions help to bridge in-district learning sessions.

Let’s work together to personalize your meetings and professional development.

For current clients when requesting further support:

Before contacting your PLC Associate:

  1. Determine your time frame: Let us know when you would like to engage in this work.
  2. Choose your agenda: Identify what agenda items and topics you would like to complete during our meeting of training.
  3. Prepare your team: Identify who will participate in the meeting.
  4. Contact your PLC Associate(s): Using their email(s), connect and provide details for the session(s).

Once a date or dates have been confirmed:

Personalize your experience:

  1. Work with your PLC Associate to finalize your agenda, dates and programming.
  2. Prepare your entire team: Get your team excited about the training and development and provide them with the date(s) and time(s) for your session(s).
  3. Prepare for your session(s): Your PLC Associate will work with you on the details for getting ready. They will send you a video communication link. You will receive the same helpful event materials—handouts, resources, and more.