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Grow. Sustain. Support.

Education leaders are often challenged with making sure teachers in their schools have the skills and knowledge to ensure all students learn at high levels and improve achievement. PLC Associates is adapting its highly popular and widely acclaimed comprehensive services like Foundational Five and Leveraged Leadership to the online learning community, bringing you anytime, anywhere continued professional development. Designed to continue and complement on-site professional development, plus introduce educators to high-quality practices, PLC Learning Academy courses connect ideas, research-based best practices and resources to tangible methods you can put into immediate action.

With our interactive, in-depth, and self-paced professional development courses, you can grow and sustain quality leadership and teaching that meets your learning goals and help your students excel. Developed by experts and practitioners, and designed for individual or group use, PLC Learning Academy offers wrap-around supports for your school and district’s professional learning plan by addressing the most relevant topics facing educators today.

Our live professional learning services:

  1. Delivered on-site or by using a virtual format.
  2. Are relevant to your level and context.
  3. Consists of succinct learning modules. Includes learning-by-doing.
  4. Blends best-practices with the experience of our experts and practitioners.
  5. Connects professional development experience with daily practice.
  6. Provides “wrap-around” support and is sustained over time.
  7. Recognize that educators are professionals with valuable insights.

Whether you are a teacher looking to expand your knowledge and practice of a topic, or a superintendent or principal needing to bring professional development to your district, PLC Associates and the Learning Academy can build and integrate the structures, practices, and aligned systems so that schools make measurable gains and most importantly, sustain results.

Our Focus Forward sessions are designed to proactively assist our schools make key decisions, prepare and be ready as we move into our 20/21 academic year which will certainly be different!

PLC Associates’ Essential 2020-21 Offerings

Very unique and comprehensive offerings which respond specifically to proactively assist our schools to make key decisions, prepare, and be ready as we move into our 2020-21 academic year.

Why, What, and How:
Let’s get ahead! Are you ready?

At PLC Associates, we are committed to supporting you as we re-imagine our school systems and are always Focusing Forward our thinking and expertise to creatively innovate teaching and learning.

We have exciting, in-depth, and relevant offerings for your school district that supports your preparations to deliver re-entry plans, instruction, and learning as the landscape of education continues to change.

We have designed five targeted offerings to meet the needs of our districts from the perspective of both leaders and educators.

Our District Leadership Offerings:

Key Questions To Ask…What Should School Look Like Now? (District Specific)

Leadership Retreat: Into Academic Year 2020-21 .. Ready, Set, Go! (District Specific)

For Our School Leaders and Educators:

Transforming Learning: High-Quality, Student-Centered Distance Learning (Open Enrollment)

Drill Down Sessions: PK-2, 3-5, MS & HS, Spec Ed & ELL (Open Enrollment)

Start Strong … Precision in Implementation (District Specific)

The Foundational Five©

High-quality instructional practices that transcend all grade levels and content areas.

These courses are highly participatory and abide judiciously by our “learning by doing” format to assure that participants are able to apply the information, knowledge, and skills in their immediate settings.

This features high impact content, based upon research and best practices. It covers the following areas:

  • Student ownership of learning and learning targets
  • High student engagement
  • Higher-order complex questioning
  • Checking for understanding and targeted feedback
  • Differentiated instruction and practice

Leveraged Leadership©

A systems approach to high-performance.

This is a high-impact, full-year program designed to give school leaders the specific competencies to impact teaching and learning and establish the structures, practices and systems that drive student achievement and school success.

There are three levels, so that the district may benefit from complete, guaranteed implementation.

  • Level 1: Building Foundations
  • Level 2: Digging Deeper
  • Level 3: Sustaining Systems

The Data Triangle©

A critical measure of culture, instruction and learning.

The Data Triangle is research and best practices based. It contains research-based Performance Benchmarks that provide both quantitative and qualitative data. This information supports data-informed decision making that may be used by the district, school or with particular parent and student groups. The Data Triangle has been certified as an approved instrument for use in the DTSDE Review. Analysis options include: onsite administrative data workshops, PLC Data Cafes© and webinar analysis workshops.

The Data Triangle uses these data sources: School Performance Scan©, Student Voice Survey©, and The Family Engagement Survey© to compile a comprehensive format in these categories:

  • Leadership Practices and Decisions
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher Practices and Decisions
  • Student Social/Emotional/Developmental Health
  • Family Engagement

The Data Triangle is appropriate for use in all schools and may be utilized to establish a baseline, create SMART goals and progress monitor. The surveys feature both quantitative and qualitative data.