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Engage. Learn. Take Action.

Engage and learn from thought leaders who will lead you through topics and trends that are critical and most popular in education today. Each series is succinct, to the point, and filled with strategies and tools that can be implemented immediately. Take action today!

PLC Learning Academy offers live webinar sessions and access to archived sessions. Our webinar series provide you with exclusive access to highly regarded experts and thought leaders in the education field. All of our webinar series address timely and relevant topics like student ownership and engagement, school reform, and leadership and instructional strategies. We archive each webinar so you can receive your professional development on-demand.

Live Webinar Series:

  • Interact with experts and thought leaders
  • Ask questions and receive feedback
  • Receive coaching directly from thought leaders*
  • Provided resources and handouts
  • Require pre-registration and payment
  • Access to the archived series and materials for one-year term

Archived Series:

  • Provides on-demand learning
  • Continued learning at your own pace
  • Provided resources and handouts
  • Requires pre-payment
  • Access to purchased series for one-year term

A must for all educators!

Transforming Learning:

High-Quality, Student-Centered Online Instruction.

Our comprehensive series focuses on five critical areas.
We have an exciting, in-depth, and relevant series for your school district that supports your preparations to deliver instruction and learning as the landscape of education continues to change.
Join two experts who know this work:
Carolyn Tinsley-Tremmel and Emory Roethel

As educators, we are now in a major shift to remote learning. Whether we are utilizing synchronistic learning or asynchronistic learning or a balance of both, we need to quickly update and refine our skill sets. We will cover explicit strategies and ideas for student and teacher self-reflection, feedback models, creative assignments, student assessment, and discuss ways to stay connected to our students.

PLC Associates’ series, Transforming Learning- High-Quality, Student-Centered Distance Learning, will help your district and its leaders and teachers grow professionally. Our series supports your shifts to distance learning while considering how to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

  1. Transforming Learning
  2. Connecting With Our Students – Ownership of Learning
  3. Engaging and Empowering Every Student!
  4. Student Engaged Assessment
  5. Modeling and Feedback

Our sessions ready schools to be fluid, flexible, and responsive to any teaching and learning situation.

Focused on updating and refining our skill sets to be ready for any “shift” in teaching and learning, our how-to and highly interactive sessions include:

  1. Create an online environment for student-centered learning to thrive.
  2. Energize teaching through rigorous and relevant instruction that enhances and transforms the learning process.
  3. Build student skills through ownership and engagement.
  4. Support social-emotional health and relationship habits to increase teacher-student connections.
  5. Use authentic assessment and data regularly to identify each student’s progress and learning needs.
  6. Choose and use appropriate technology applications.
  7. Create clear expectations, guided and modeled practice and exploration.

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Exactly How to Improve Graduation Rates for Young Men of Color

The Work and Research of Dr. Marck Abraham

This five-part series captures the research, Dr. Marck Abraham, has completed on improving results for young males of color.

This series is full of power-packed strategies for increasing graduation rates for men of color, and actually all students!

We encourage secondary administrators, superintendents and assistant superintendents, counselors and school-based leadership teams, to participate.

This series covers five critical topics:

  1. On Time, On Track – The March to Graduation
  2. We Care- The Culture of Success
  3. Relevant, Responsive Curricula- Get It Right
  4. Building Not Breaking- Change Your Words…Communicating with Men of Color
  5. Every Student Has a Voice- Make it Happen!

A thought leader in education, Dr. Marck Abraham has completed extensive research on improving results for men of color. He has recently authored several articles and publications, completed his dissertation in this area and will be publishing his book, What Success Looks Like for Men of Color this fall.

Dr. Abraham and his company, MEA Consultants, in partnership with Penny Ciaburri of PLC Associates, Inc. have teamed up to create and deliver this game-changer for your district and school!