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Are You Doing Data Right? The Concentric Circles.

Let’s start first with a framework. We like to talk about the model of Concentric Circles. Here’s how it works. YELLOW - Students are always at the center, there is no argument there. RED - The next question to ask is who supports the students in the most direct...

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8 Questions to Consider when Designing a School Survey

When working on surveys for a large school district, we have heard it all. We don’t trust you with our survey data. What did you do with last year’s survey? This survey takes too long. What am I supposed to do with this survey data? Often when these responses arise,...

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How do we measure student success, effectively?

As educators, we are curious – How do we measure student success, effectively? Do we know each student is on the right track? We can agree. the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath has caused significant disruptions to, and sometimes halted, education. Educators have...

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Professional Learning…Entry Points Matter

Entry Points… We have heard the term, right? Esteemed Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner has written extensively about entry points as related the area of multiple intelligences and how students and adults, for that matter, all learn differently. EL Education has...

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Improving School Culture…One Small Step At A Time!

Educators, this is for us… We are, without doubt, coming through some of the most challenging, disturbing, exhausting times…pick a word, you all know what I mean, in the history of K12 Education. In my many recent conversations with superintendents throughout the...

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PLC Associates is teaming up with SimpliCollege

SimpliCollege and PLC Associates, Inc. are working together to assist schools, students, and families across the nation have a successful experience as we move through the all-important high school years and planning next steps. SimpliCollege is an easy-to use,...

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