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  • Level 7 Certification©

Level 7 Certification © is protocol that audits all the essential practices of a high performing organization.

  • The Company SnapShot ©

The Company SnapShot © is an assessment for gathering data around current practices from staff. It is applicable for all organizations.

  • Client Loyalty Survey ©

The Client Loyalty Survey © will allow you to collect critical data from your clients on their satisfaction levels. A key practice for great organizations!

  • Strategic Planning ©

Strategic Planning © will position you with a clear vision, mission and core beliefs, along with explicit goals and powerful strategies.

  • PLC Leadership Inventory ©

The PLC Leadership Inventory © assesses core competencies of leadership. It includes a self-review as well as a component for others in a particular department or area to offer feedback on their leader.

  • WOW Customer Service ©

WOW Customer Service © will equip your team with the skills that keep customers and clients not only coming back – but offering referrals.

  • The PLC Performance Achievement System ©

The PLC Performance Achievement System © is an easy-to-use tool that identifies clear job competencies, professional skills, department and individual goals, all wrapped in a system which promotes workforce excellence.

  • Sales Management and Development Series ©

The Sales Management and Development Series © features twelve skills sets from gaining referrals, to promoting services and developing relationships. We will help your sales team become top-notch, quickly!