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We know schools. Penny Ciaburri, personally, has worked in 19 states and in over 1000 schools, coast to coast. Penny is responsible for hands-on project management of all school initiatives. This ensures perfect execution, collaboration, integration and alignment of all activities. And – most important, this supports clear and consistent communication throughout our work.


Our group is grounded in experience, most Associates have more than twenty five years of experience leading and working in schools. We have held every position ranging from superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, staff developer, curriculum specialist and teacher across the entire K-12 continuum.


We are veteran educators who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical insight. We work in a respectful partnership with each district and school to make sure our work is welcomed, implemented and most importantly, results occur.


  • The Data Triangle ©

The Data Triangle is an outstanding set of three surveys that include The School Performance Scan (for staff), The Student Voice (for students) and the Family Engagement Survey (for families). Our Student Voice has two versions: Version A is typically for grades 3-5 with a readability level of early grade 3; Version B has a readability level of early grade 6. The Data Triangle is appropriate for use in all schools and may be utilized to establish baseline, create SMART goals and progress monitor. The surveys feature both quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Comprehensive School Review Process/DTSDE

Our group has Outside Education Experts (OEEs). We are well-positioned to assist you in the DTSDE Review process and/or comprehensively evaluate your district/school structures, practices and systems. As a result – our precise guidance and recommendations will create a clear path for improving outcomes.

  • Targeted Track Implementation ©

We will assign a team of Associates to stay with you over an extended period of time. This, typically, is a two and a half to three year process. Many of our schools are benefiting from this precise, guided implementation work. We work both with staff and school leaders to make certain you have the supporting infrastructure and systems which will sustain and lead to predictable results. Not only will we help your school achieve improved outcomes for students, we will build capacity as we go.

  • Leveraged Leadership ©

Leveraged Leadership is a PLC Signature Program. We assign a PLC Coach to your school for the purposes of building capacity of your school leadership team. Leveraged Leadership occurs over a six month period of half day sessions. We will help your school leaders conduct targeted walkthroughs, engage in high-impact coaching conversations with staff, and become expert in the essential research and best practices that support excellence in instruction. This is a game changer for driving school-wide improvements.

  • Developing District and School Plans

We are well-equipped to help you with these plans – whether it is starting from the beginning, assessing your current plans and sharpening them or using data to build goals and strategies. Our PLC Team has constructed numerous DCIP and SCEP plans as part of the New York State DTSDE Review process.

  • Leadership Coaching

This is a one-one-powerful program which assists our school leaders in developing the high-impact strategies to move their schools. Includes coaching conversations, school structures, systems and best practices.

  • PLC Data Cafes ©

Data Cafes systematically take participants through the data collected from each of the staff, student and family surveys. As a result, not only will you have a solid understanding of the data, but also have next steps for creating high impact SMART goals and supporting strategies. This is a great activity for building cohesion among stakeholders and support for your school plans.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Review

This includes a complete review of your written, taught and assessed curriculum. Our team will audit the alignment of your curriculum across the grade and content areas to assure connection to standards. We will examine all documents, visit classrooms, interview staff and review your assessment process. As a result, we will deliver a targeted, comprehensive report which will provide the pathway to vertical and horizontal alignment.

  • PLC Model for Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning model is efficient and high-impact. We have several versions and various approaches to strategic planning available which allows each district to have the process tailored exactly to their preferences. We will help you set up a Core Team and develop Task Forces, as needed. We will work with your Board of Education to launch the process and then, engage with stakeholders to produce a high-quality roadmap.

  • Parent Academies

Our approach to Parent Academies allows you to benefit from a range of specifically tailored workshops designed to help parents become true partners in their child’s education. Parents are critical to student success. What a gift!

  • Board of Education Workshops

We are glad to assist you in defining roles and responsibilities of the Board as you convene each year. Also, we have outstanding formats for strategic retreats tailored to your needs and interests.

  • Workshops and Tailored Programs

Here is where our vast expertise comes into play! We are able to combine any group of our Associates to deliver an array of topics. Some of the most popular: student learning targets, formative assessments, higher-order questions, scaffolding, student engagement, data driven protocols… This list continues. If it is a topic linked to effective school-wide practices and high-impact instruction practices, we have it covered!