Discover the Data Triangle

Monitor progress against the research of what works in schools.

The Data Triangle is endorsed by superintendents, and used by hundreds of school leaders who have exited school improvement status.

Supported by the research of Kotter, Marzano, and Fullan, and aligned to the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness.

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Do Data Right – Make An Impact with PLC Surveys and Metrics

Results matter. It’s time for your school district to yield intended outcomes and establish strategic, transformational change.

PLC Associates Inc. is well-known for their capacity to engage in explicit diagnostics and provide reports and recommendations with the level of detail and specificity that leadership requires to move districts and schools forward with sustained high performance.

When it comes to achieving peak performance, PLC Associates, Inc. will help your school district go the extra mile. Our consulting firm provides innovative programs, high-impact professional learning, and data-driven consulting services to help educators and schools across the United States fulfill their needs and achieve real, sustainable results.

These are a few of our several survey tools and metrics that have helped our clients perform better and get the results they want for their students and school communities. These survey tools and metrics provide a measure of the district and school instruction, culture, and canvas the social emotional development and health needs of students.

The Data Triangle (DT) © – Great Metrics…For School Culture!

Transforming Your School Culture – See your school through research-based Performance Benchmarks.

A healthy, dynamic, and proactive school culture is the cornerstone to greater student achievement across the K-12 levels. The Data Triangle tool helps education leaders improve their school culture and drive better decision making when it comes to education policy. PLC Associates works in unison with this tool by providing thorough assessments of a district’s teaching and learning, leadership, curriculum, community engagement, and social-emotional learning structures. Learn more.

These surveys provide a measure of district and school culture. Comprehensive surveys which query research-based best practices from the viewpoint of staff, students, and families. Staff complete the School Performance Scan; there are two versions of the Student Voice for readability levels, and families complete the Family Engagement Survey.

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The Data Triangle – Collecting Organizational Metrics
The Data Triangle Overview

The Professional Learning Reflection Tool (PLRT) © 

Know your instructional picture – Detailed information around current understanding and capacity related to explicit areas of instruction.

This high-impact tool canvasses five areas which include: student ownership of learning, student engagement, higher-order questioning, checking for understanding, and differentiated instruction and practice. As a result, PLC Associates is able to differentiate instruction and schools are able to look at their comprehensive instructional picture and individual skill sets.

About the PLC Professional Learning Reflection Tool
Review a PLRT Composite Sample Report.

PLC SEL DEI Climate Survey ©

Relevant, detailed questions in relation to ten critical SEL and Culture categories.

We know that students, staff, and families are in challenging times…Now is the time to gather this critical information, so we know where we are and what is needed.

This is a customized survey that may be given to staff, students and/or families. We will provide relevant, detailed questions in relation to ten critical categories. Districts and schools may select from these questions, customize verbiage and as well, develop their own questions. We do all the work – we set it up, collect the data and deliver high-impact reports which will help you move your district and schools forward! Take advantage of these solid metrics.

PLC SEL DEI Climate Survey Overview

Signature Programs – Make An Impact

Education is always changing, and our Signature Programs are designed to maximize your staff’s deliverables and make your school district more sustainable, flexible, and growth-oriented as a whole. PLC Associates, Inc. takes a proactive and personalized approach to your unique school district, striving to develop educational equity, improve classroom management, build empathetic leadership, and nurture successful, lifelong learners.

Our Signature Programs are designed and able to be modified, to meet the needs and goals of every school district and better facilitate, model, and implement teacher, administrative and organizational deliverables for student success.

We prepare teachers, principals, and school staff to be fluid, flexible, and effective leaders across the K-12 continuum.

Every school district is unique, and with that comes an array of distinctive challenges that can affect a student’s ability to thrive and meet their potential. What we offer at PLC Associates is an innovative approach to deeper learning and an opportunity to guide education leaders through the challenges they face.

Our programs have resulted in a 99% retention rate and success in hundreds of schools across the United States. We offer a catalog of programs and options, on-site support from a team of over 50 Associates, virtual learning opportunities, webinars, individual coaching, and much more.

High Performance Professional Learning Communities That Impact!

We provide best practices from field experts so that all are able to benefit from the works of contributors.

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Metrics
  • Organizing the Work of the PLC
  • Securing Culture and a Results Orientation

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Renowned PLC Signature Programs


High-Quality Instructional Practice.

When students are encouraged to take charge of their learning, it can create more confident and driven learners. The Foundational Five program nurtures deeper learning by developing teachers’ abilities to engage students, practice targeted feedback, and promote the student’s voice and their ability for higher-order questioning. Learn more.

Leveraged Leadership.

Empowering, Empathetic, Impactful Leadership – A Systems Approach to Moving Districts and Schools.

Individual learning is only as successful as the strength of the education leaders directing it. This program is offered at three different entry points, all geared towards helping superintendents, principals, and teachers develop their leadership skills through close collaboration and quality programming by our Associates. Learn more.

Strategic Planning.

Engaging Your School District in High Impact Planning – Build Your Blueprint.

How do you get superintendents, board members, teachers, and parents to work together and achieve greater district-wide achievement? PLC Associates tailors our Strategic Planning program to your unique school district to better facilitate individualized learning, integrate disadvantaged students, and ensure your district is ESSA ready from the top down. Learn more.

The PLC Approach Is…


Our innovative programs help your teachers, principals, and school district members drive personal impact and reach your student achievement and performance goals. Through a diverse, dynamic, and personalized approach, we can help you promote educational equity, social-emotional learning (SEL), the creative use of educational technology in schools, integration in traditional classrooms and eLearning settings, and much more.

We offer a range of solutions that help build people and organizations. Contact us to learn more about how we can achieve strategic, transformational change with you.