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Education paves the way to a better and brighter future for today’s students. As education continues to change, PLC Associates, Inc. is committed to helping superintendents, principals, teachers, and education leaders reshape and maximize their methods, structures, and practices for greater achievement across the K-12 spectrum.

Our Signature Programs are designed to nurture lifelong learning and help school districts and organizations achieve their student achievement and performance goals. We also provide business consulting for professionals, service organizations, and enterprise-level organizations.

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Our innovative programs help your teachers, principals, and school district members drive personal impact and reach your student achievement and performance goals. Through a diverse, dynamic, and personalized approach, we can help you promote educational equity, social-emotional learning (SEL), the creative use of educational technology in schools, integration in traditional classrooms and eLearning settings, and much more.

Dynamic Models for On-Site and Virtual Learning. Open Enrollment Available Now!

What We Do
Results matter. It’s time for your school or organization to yield intended outcomes and establish strategic, transformational leadership.
Signature Programs
We prepare teachers, principals, and school staff to be fluid, flexible, and effective leaders across the K-12 continuum.
Learning Academy
Let us help you FOCUS FORWARD as you shift the educational landscape in your district, schools, classrooms, and community.

What We Stand For

Every school district is unique, and with that comes an array of distinctive challenges that can affect a student’s ability to thrive and meet their potential. What we offer at PLC Associates is an innovative approach to deeper learning and an opportunity to guide education leaders through the challenges they face.

Our programs have resulted in a 99% retention rate and success in hundreds of schools across the United States. We also offer a catalog of programs, on-site support from a team of over 50 Associates, virtual learning opportunities, webinars, individual coaching, and much more.

Our Signature Programs are modified to meet the needs and goals of every school district and better facilitate, model, and implement teacher and administrative deliverables for student success:


We’re in an unprecedented time where educators and students across the United States are not able to interact in traditional classrooms. This five-part program is designed to show teachers and school districts how to simultaneously meet the needs of students in classrooms, as well as hybrid and remote learning settings. Learn more. 


When students are encouraged to take charge of their learning, it can create more confident and driven learners. The Foundational Five program nurtures deeper learning by developing teachers’ abilities to engage students, practice targeted feedback, and promote the student’s voice and their ability for higher-order questioning. Learn more.

Leveraged Leadership.
IIndividual learning is only as successful as the strength of the education leaders directing it. This program is offered at three different entry points, all geared towards helping superintendents, principals, and teachers develop their leadership skills through close collaboration and quality programming by our Associates. Learn more.
The Data Triangle.

A healthy, dynamic, and proactive school culture is the cornerstone to greater student achievement across the K-12 levels. The Data Triangle tool helps education leaders improve their school culture and drive better decision making when it comes to education policy. PLC Associates works in unison with this tool by providing thorough assessments of a district’s teaching and learning, leadership, curriculum, community engagement, and social-emotional learning structures. Learn more.

Strategic Planning.
How do you get superintendents, board members, teachers, and parents to work together and achieve greater district-wide achievement? PLC Associates tailors our Strategic Planning program to your unique school district to better facilitate individualized learning, integrate disadvantaged students, and ensure your district is ESSA ready from the top down. Learn more.

What’s New?

Improving School Culture…One Small Step At A Time!

Educators, this is for us… We are, without doubt, coming through some of the most challenging, disturbing, exhausting times…pick a word, you all know what I mean, in the history of K12 Education. In my many recent conversations with superintendents throughout the...

PLC Associates is teaming up with SimpliCollege

SimpliCollege and PLC Associates, Inc. are working together to assist schools, students, and families across the nation have a successful experience as we move through the all-important high school years and planning next steps. SimpliCollege is an easy-to use,...

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