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What To Do When You Find Yourself on the Accountability List

Thursday, January 19th | 9:30am ET

Join Penny Ciaburri as she specifically addresses the first steps districts and schools must take if identified on the NYS Accountability List. PLC Associates has engaged schools on the Accountability List since its inception and has a highly successful track record in supporting schools to “good standing.” Penny will address: understanding the process, preparing stakeholders, data gathering, use of surveys and metrics, targeting goals as well as the leadership actions so important to communicating this opportunity. Our session will give clear, comprehensive guidance on the first critical steps for creating a success culture and improving student results. For leaders new to the process – this will start your district and schools on the right path, right away.

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Featuring Penny Ciaburri and Betsy Conners

What are they? – Just that – high-impact 30-minutes to give participants critical information that makes a difference in various areas of practice.

Why? Because our time is short, the urgency is there, and we know, with on-target critical content, we can quickly make a difference going forward.

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Previous Power Talks

Building the Success Culture – Relationships Matter

Wednesday, September 28th

“When the principal sneezes, the whole school catches a cold.  This is neither good nor bad; it is just the truth.”  (Whitaker, 2003).

Culture is based on the personality of the group.  It is the way we do business.  Our messages to and relationships with staff, students, and parents determine if the organization will move ahead or become stagnant. To build a successful culture, leaders need to have demonstrated past supportive relationships and have a plan for how to grow and sustain as a community. This includes understanding and providing clarity for how current practices, beliefs, and behaviors align with the goals and purposes of initiatives and expectations. Schools and districts that are successful have developed a safe, and collaborative culture to support ALL students.

Join Betsy Conners for some quick, easy to implement ideas to build a positive culture in your building or district.

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

Doing Data Right – Are You Set Up for Impact?

Thursday, October 6th

Do you have a comprehensive data plan that drives strategy development and creates impact? Are you sure?

Join Penny Ciaburri, of PLC Associates, as she describes powerful metrics that support schools in establishing baseline – Where are we now?, setting goals, and measuring impact.

Are you getting the intended results from the metrics we use? Penny will review two of the several survey tools and metrics that have helped client schools perform better and get results.

  • The Data Triangle and SEDH/DEI Climate Surveys include staff, student and families, which allows us to crosswalk the data sets.
  • Prior to any professional learning, The Professional Reflection Leaning Tool is a must – it tells us exactly, our point of entry for planning. Teachers appreciate this, as professional learning becomes highly relevant to what staff want/need.

PLC Associates is successfully using these tools with vast numbers of their client schools, posting great results. And for our NYS Schools, these tools are aligned with the DTSDE process.

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

Chronic Absenteeism – Why are so many students not in school?

Wednesday, October 12th

Districts saw a significant increase in chronic absenteeism during the pandemic, and levels still remain high. We know that chronic absenteeism in early childhood will result in students who cannot read on grade level by the end of third grade. We know that irregular attendance has a direct impact on whether or not a student will graduate from high school. In an recent national survey, school district leaders reported three urgent issues: climate and culture, staff retention, and learning loss. Student absenteeism attributes to each of these.

How do we begin to collectively develop structures and systems to address gaps in attendance? How do we track chronic absenteeism and design supports to counter-act? Do you have a toolkit of strategies for how to talk about why attendance is vital with students and parents?

Join Besty Conners as she answers and provide options for how you can immediately begin to address absenteeism and put in place proactive supports and structures.

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

Leading for Impact: The Power of Guiding Coalitions

Tuesday, October 18th

Exactly what is a guiding coalition?

Join Penny Ciaburri of PLC Associates as she describes explicit strategies for building the critical mass support in each of our schools that we need to pursue our shared goals. We will discuss the seven levels of transformation, a model created by PLC Associates, in terms of what leaders must do and be prepared for at every level of a change effort. It is critically important that we are proactive in our planning and prepared for targeted implementation so that we are able to fully integrate new strategies within our schools. Whether it is the introduction of a new curriculum, MTSS, professional learning, integration of instructional technology… leaders who successfully manage implementation are able to quickly move their schools to successful results.

Collective efficacy is essential and- the stronger the coalition, the greater our opportunity to get to results. Put yourself in a great position, join us as we offer high-impact leadership strategies to get our schools moving!

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

Laser Focused: On Time, On Track

Thursday, October 27th

Think back to this past summer when you set goals and wrote action plans as a school and/or district. Where are you now with those plans? Are you implementing with integrity? Having a plan is one thing, putting it into action and monitoring takes next level commitment.

We know as leaders “what gets measured gets done” (Schmoker).

Ask yourself:

  • Have you and your team described what your plan will look like when it’s on schedule? Does your staff know this?
  • Do you know if you are on schedule to meet your plan’s goals?
  • How are you evaluating success as well as identifying needs and course corrections?

To be laser focused means consistently messaging and monitoring – involving a combination of methods and periodic review of data. Leaders and their teams must be in sync to ensure school and district plans uphold integrity and consistency, resulting in the practices and reaching the goals you intended.

Join Besty Conners for a conversation on how to plan for and execute effective methods to measure your implementation and know if you are on schedule throughout the school year.

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

All Means ALL: MTSS In Action

Wednesday, November 2nd

Building a strong MTSS system that supports all learners is now more important than ever. We need to be able to move all students from their present level of performance to a new elevated level of performance and achievement. We will discuss the 3 Tiers, recognize the academic, behavioral and social emotional weave, explore successful ways to implement complex change, and learn how to lead systems-thinking at the building and district level.

Schools across the nation are vigorously implementing MTSS structures. As we are on the fast track, let’s make sure we have the fundamentals right so we can be proactive for our students. Join Betsy Conners for a review of the critical components and walk away with an outline of your first steps.

Another advantage, this session will provide our Power Tool to each registrant.

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