Education leadership often faces the challenge of meeting student achievement and performance goals. PLC Associates, Inc. takes a proactive and personalized approach to your unique school district, striving to develop educational equity, improve classroom management, build empathetic leadership, and nurture successful, lifelong learners.

Education is always changing, and our Signature Programs are designed to maximize your staff’s deliverables and make your school district more sustainable, flexible, and growth-oriented as a whole. In addition to these programs, we also offer an expansive catalog of professional development services, on-site consulting, virtual coaching, webinars, education tools, and live learning events. 

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Up A Level Foundational Five

Renowned PLC Offerings



High-Quality Instruction.

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The Foundational Five

These courses are highly participatory and abide judiciously by our “learning by doing” format to assure that participants are able to apply the information, knowledge, and skills in their immediate settings.

This features high-impact content, based upon research and best practices. It covers the following areas:

  • Student ownership of learning and learning targets
  • High student engagement
  • Higher-order complex questioning
  • Checking for understanding and targeted feedback
  • Differentiated instruction and practice


Empowering, Empathetic, Impactful Leadership.

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Leveraged Leadership – A Systems Approach to Moving Schools

Leveraged Leadership is a PLC Signature Program. This is a high-impact, full-year program designed to give school leaders the specific competencies to impact teaching and learning, and establish the structures, practices, and systems that drive student achievement and school success.

There are three levels, so that the district may benefit from complete, guaranteed implementation.

Level 1: Building Foundations
Level 2: Digging Deeper
Level 3: Sustaining Systems

We assign a PLC Coach to your school for the purposes of building capacity of your school leadership team. Leveraged Leadership occurs over a six month period of half day sessions. We will help your school leaders conduct targeted walkthroughs, engage in high-impact coaching conversations with staff, and become experts in the essential research and best practices that support excellence in instruction. This is a game changer for driving school-wide improvements.



Engaging Your School District in High Impact Planning.

Strategic Planning – Build Your Blueprint

Our Strategic Planning model is efficient and high-impact. We have several versions and various approaches to strategic planning available, allowing each district to have the process tailored to their preferences. We will help you set up a Core Team and develop Task Forces, as needed. We will work with your Board of Education to launch the process and then engage with stakeholders (staff, students, families and community) to produce a high-quality roadmap.




High Performance That Impacts!

High Performance PLCs That Impact!

“Transforming schools and implementing PLCs demands second-order change.” (DuFour – Marzano research). PLC Associates can help your district “modify the very culture of the organization and the assumptions, roles, relationships, and norms that make up the culture.”

We provide best practices from field experts so that all are able to benefit from the works of contributors.

Our process includes:

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Metrics to establish baseline, set goals and progress monitor
  • Organizing the Work of the PLC
  • Securing Culture and a Results Orientation


Transforming Your School Culture.

The Data Triangle – Collecting Organizational Metrics
The Data Triangle Overview

The Data Triangle is research and best practices based. It contains research-based Performance Benchmarks that provide both quantitative and qualitative data. This information supports data-informed decision making that may be used by the district, school, or with particular parent and student groups. The Data Triangle has been certified as an approved instrument for use in the DTSDE Review. Analysis options include: on-site administrative data workshops, PLC Data Cafes©, and webinar analysis workshops.

The Data Triangle uses these data sources: School Performance Scan©, Student Voice Survey©, and The Family Engagement Survey© to compile a comprehensive format in these categories:

  • Leadership Practices and Decisions
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher Practices and Decisions
  • Student Social/Emotional/Developmental Health
  • Family Engagement

The Data Triangle is appropriate for use in all schools and may be utilized to establish a baseline, create SMART goals, and monitor progress. The surveys feature both quantitative and qualitative data.

Focus Forward: Transforming Your Organization©

Focus Forward: Transforming Your Organization©

For All Classrooms.

At PLC Associates, we are committed to supporting you as we re-imagine our school systems, always Focusing Forward our thinking and expertise to creatively innovate teaching and learning.

We have exciting, in-depth, and relevant offerings for your school district that support your preparations to deliver re-entry plans, instruction, and learning as the landscape of education continues to change.

We have designed five targeted offerings to meet the needs of our districts from the perspective of both leaders and educators.

For Our School Leaders and Educators:

The Student-Centered, Dynamic, Results-Based, Secondary School

A PLC Associates Inc. Signature Program

Our Theory of Action

PLC Associates, Inc. will present key research based on the structures, practices, and systems of a high-performing high school, utilizing a blend of design thinking, and sharing of critical content. This encourages proactive problem-solving for each school as they set up an optimal infrastructure for predictably producing a culture of success and positive outcomes for all students.
This customizable Signature Program is a participatory, collaborative, and action-oriented format, intentionally designed to assist each school to develop high-impact systems which will produce enhanced outcomes for students.

Building a Learning Eco-System

Students At the Center!

A PLC Associates Inc. Signature Program

What is a Learning Eco-System? When we deconstruct the concept, an eco-system, by definition involves a number of elements that work synergistically together. Then, when we apply learning as a descriptor – our purpose becomes a very targeted and intense look at our structures, practices and systems form the learner’s perspective. Eye opening!
If we really want students to flourish, become “drivers of their own learning” and have every day in school be both engaging and dynamic, we must be keenly attuned to what our learners are actually experiencing.
Take advantage of this great offering – a “game changer” for our students.