Accountability and School Improvement

At PLC Associates, Inc., we value the impact the K-12 learning environments have on all students. As partners in the process, we can develop a clear vision of what it means for your school district to thrive, now and in the future.

To this point, the PLC Associates Team has successfully provided over 250 DTSDE Reviews and facilitated the required school and district-based plans (SCEP/DCIP). PLC Associates LLC. was designated by NYSED as the first team of Outside Educational Experts (OEEs) to review schools as NYSED initiated the DTSDE process. Subsequently, PLC Associates LLC was asked by the NYS Education Department to lead a panel discussion during NYSED Training at the state capitol on diagnostic and planning and best practices.

PLC Associates has worked with districts and schools across NYS for over 30 years, leading to improved instruction, academic achievement and organizational success. Currently, we are engaged in targeted, multi-year school turnarounds and key initiatives with districts of all types across New York State.

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Achieve the Extraordinary!

We work with you to close gaps, replicate best practices, and build high-impact, sustainable systems.

Assess current picture – Use range of powerful survey tools to provide baseline – Academics, Behavior and Social Emotional – This leads to identifying points of entry.

Align your goals and vision – Carefully consider organizational, instructional, and school environment goals and how these align to baseline results and goals for your district and school plans.

Determine pathway for improvement – Organize and match options for organizational, instructional, and school community improvements.

Provide professional learning and evidence-based strategies – Select, tailor, and deliver data-driven sessions to elevate models, structures, and systems of learning and teaching.

Monitor and measure for impact – Assess progress to goal completion, redirect for obstacles, and celebrate successes. Effective implementation of any plan demands ongoing monitoring, frequent check-ins, and informed course corrections to make sure improvement is leading to sustained and expanding practices.

Assess for needs … Move in the right direction

Develop your improvement plan with a range of proven surveys and metrics.

PLC Associates Inc. is well-known for their capacity to engage in explicit diagnostics and provide reports and recommendations with the level of detail and specificity that leadership requires to move New York schools into good standing and sustained high performance.

Our range of survey tools and metrics:

Identify challenges, needs, and strengths in systems

Isolate points of entry for improvement plans, carefully considering leverage points

Create efficacy and results within the district or school.

Completely committed to support you.

We are ready, offering the supports needed for NYS District and School Improvement:

  • Surveys (Meets all Principles of the CR-S Framework)
  • Development of District and School Plans
  • Focus Forums and Data Cafes
  • Data Analysis and Needs Assessment
  • Determine Priorities and Commitments for improvement
  • Provide evidence-based strategies and professional learning
  • Monitoring and course correction

PLC Associates is completely committed to working with schools and organizations to achieve results. We will stay with you and provide our “wrap-around support” in order to get to the target outcomes each school and district designates. The result – we help you actually achieve your student achievement and performance goals.

We have helped districts across New York reshape and maximize their methods, structures, and practices, leading to greater achievement across the K-12 spectrum.

We believe it is the ideal blend of the relationships we develop, the powerful collective expertise we can deploy, and our relentless focus on results that leads to the success we shared with clients for over 30 years. Our clients trust us to accomplish the extraordinary.

Our success evidence, a sample of who we have helped:

Southern-tier city school district with 36% American Indian/Alaskan Native ethnicity.

Graduation rate subgroup population 2015-2018 increase 32% (54% to 86%).

Advanced Regents Diploma rate 2015-2018 increase 13% (5% to 18%).

Overall graduation rate 2015-2018 increase 17% (67% to 84%).

Mid-sized suburban district of 2300 students.

This district was designed in consecutive years, according to the Superintendent, as a leader among “the fastest gap-closing schools in the state.” This was attributed largely to the systems transformation facilitated by PLC Associates.

Rural district, with significantly high numbers of economically disadvantaged students and consistent lack of historical results.

The entire district was placed back in good standing after two intensive years of work with PLC. This was seen as an extraordinary accomplishment, in consideration of the long-standing history of consistent failure of the district schools. Not only did schools and the district move into good standing, the Superintendent reported moving from the bottom of the region to having the second highest math scores in the region.

District of 8500 plus students, with high needs populations, 56% Hispanic/Latino and 34% Black/African-American and between 50-60%, by school, students receiving free/reduced lunch.

PLC provided 15 months of intensive pedagogical support. The district reported in one year, an increase of 15% in “probable readers” as per STAR data. Additionally, year over year data as presented to the Board of Education is noting ELA and Math gains, grades 3-8, show 9 of 11 schools in ELA and Math posting gains, with 4 schools posting double digit gains, including 1 school up 24 percentage points.


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