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How we build the students of today and mold them into proactive, lifelong learners can pave the way for the success of future generations. Education is changing at a rapid pace, and principals and teachers must be flexible and prepared to go above and beyond state learning standards to elevate their models, structures, and systems of learning and teaching.

At PLC Associates, Inc., we value the impact the K-12 learning environments have on all students. Our consulting firm can develop a clear vision of what it means for your school district to thrive, now and in the future. We will tailor our data-driven Signature Programs to initiate educational equity, improve leadership, and yield successful outcomes for all students.

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One of the most salient aspects of the work PLC has done, and a component we respectfully would like to point out, is the vast numbers of schools and districts that the consultancy has supported for over 30 years. PLC Associates is uniquely qualified for this work, based upon their strength and proof of process in working not with “just a few districts”- but with a wide range of schools across rural, suburban, and urban venues, each with differing types of challenges.

Examples following are narratives of accurate case stories that connect to a number of key result areas: student achievement, schools/districts moving into “good standing,” pedagogical results, leadership competencies, organizational infrastructure and systems gains. We think the most significant portion of our demonstrated success, is that the story and results are consistent. There is a clear pattern, especially for those systems that adopt a “wrap-around” approach from PLC Associates.

– Success Evidence –

Southern-tier city school district with 36% American Indian/Alaskan Native ethnicity.

Working with PLC Associates for three years in a school/district turnaround initiative, the Assistant Superintendent recently provided the following data:

  • Graduation rate subgroup population 3-year increase 32% (54% to 86%).
  • Advanced Regents Diploma rate 3-year increase 13% (5% to 18%).
  • Overall graduation rate 3-year increase 17% (67% to 84%).

PLC Associates, Inc. has a successful record of school turn-around when partnering with schools being removed from the accountability list and placed “in good standing.” As an example, after two years of work in a large suburban district of 7,000 students, with 13 schools, the district was notified that they were taken off the list of Focus Districts. PLC conducted intensive work in this district including diagnostics, utilizing the Data Triangle instrument to assess and monitor best practices and then subsequently, provided high-impact monthly onsite support to all school leaders. This was a systems-based initiative. Subsequent to these gains, the district was well-positioned to move into future-focused strategic planning which PLC facilitated.

Mid-sized suburban district of 2300 students.

This district was designed in consecutive years, according to the Superintendent, as a leader among “the fastest gap-closing schools in the state.” This was attributed largely to the systems transformation facilitated by PLC Associates. As with strategic plans developed by PLC Associates, the strategic plan, which was originated several years ago, continues to serve as a framework for its success. Ten years later, this is evidence of the capacity-building generated by PLC – all schools have been and remain in good standing.

Urban Buffalo area district with over 6500 and 12 schools.

PLC has been supporting intensive work in developing high performance structures, practices and systems. School leaders participating in one of PLC’s Signature Programs – Leveraged Leadership © – results show an increase in the specific leadership competencies of the Leveraged Leadership Inventory – 24/25, 96% of the indicators improved. Correspondingly, Instructional Look Fors, over the course of the year simultaneously showed double digit gains, including many moving from less than 10% to over 90%. There were “like gains” when cross-walking student assessments. This is strong evidence of the impact of systems work which is what PLC is noted for.

Central New York District of 3600 students.

Strategic plan facilitated by PLC Associates resulted in national recognition. The strategic plan of this district prompted business partnerships and allotment of significant additional resources from these business partnerships. The district now has an exemplary STEM program and was honored with: Be the Change for Kids Innovation Award for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-related (STEM) Programs. This district is called on to presents at state and national conferences and is continuing to utilize the PLC framework for long-term planning. Most recently, the district posted its current 5-year strategic plan. This is especially significant as it is illustrative of a plan originated in 2008, facilitated by PLC Associates which has built demonstrated capacity. Over ten years later, it continues to be a strong driver of district results.

Large suburban district, with 11 schools and a population of over 8,000 students.

Post planning, facilitated by PLC, the district was identified as a “High Performing Professional Learning Communities District” on the DuFour national listing. The strategic plan was a driver of these results and continues to be utilized as a tool for maintaining high performance.

Rural district, with significantly high numbers of economically disadvantaged students.

The entire district was placed back in good standing after two intensive years of work with PLC. This was seen as an extraordinary accomplishment, in consideration of the long-standing history of consistent failure of the district schools. Not only did schools and the district move into good standing, the Superintendent reported moving from the bottom of the region to having the second highest math scores in the region. This was seen by all as an extraordinary accomplishment.

District of 8500 plus students, with high needs populations.

PLC has provided 15 months of intensive pedagogical support. With high needs populations, 56% Hispanic/Latino and 34% Black/African-American, and between 50-60%, by school, students receiving free/reduced lunch, the district is reporting in one year, an increase of 15% in “probable readers” as per STAR data. Additionally, year over year data as presented to the Board of Education is noting ELA and Math gains, grades 3-8, show 9 of 11 schools in ELA and Math posting gains, with 4 schools posting double digit gains, including 1 school up 24 percentage points. This supports clear evidence of student gains which is linked to a comprehensive effort including seven Associates from PLC, each addressing various elements of need.

Schools working with PLC, are consistently evidencing improvements in grades 3-8, ELA and Math scores as well as graduation rates. The company attributes these pattern gains to the well-constructed PLC Associates’ models, protocols and practices, in addition to their exemplary diagnostics and planning capabilities for leading schools to success, as capacity is built.

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Transforming Schools and the Educational Landscape.

Improving outcomes for students, teachers, principals, and school districts is at the forefront of everything we do at PLC Associates. Through our proven, data-driven, and customized Signature Programs, we can meet the current and future needs of your school district or organization.

The goal of our educational training and coaching is to quickly and effectively build results-driven structures, practices, and systems. We take a Focus Forward approach, so our schools and education leaders can adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape and execute effective learning models in physical, virtual, and hybrid settings. We work in a respectful partnership with each district and school to make sure our educational consulting services are welcome, implemented, and most importantly, that they yield positive results and changes. Our Associates consult one-on-one with you, teachers, and leadership teams to assess your district-wide needs and maximize your teaching-learning deliverables.

We know schools. As veteran educators, our educational consultants are grounded in experience, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, practical insight, and tried-and-true practices that all school districts and leadership teams can implement. Most of our Associates have more than 25 years of experience working in schools. PLC Associates has worked in 27 states and over 2000 schools, coast to coast. Collectively, we have held every position ranging from superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, staff developers, curriculum specialists, and teachers across the entire K-12 continuum. Our Associates utilize their expert knowledge and experience gained from working in vast numbers of schools to quickly and effectively build the proven structures, practices, and systems which drive results.

Consulting, Coaching and Supports

Implementing Effective Change in the Classroom and Work Environment.

We value results, and we will work with you to achieve them. We will develop a clear vision of what is to be accomplished and customize an actionable plan that helps you and your organization. Our educational consultants help you identify areas that need attention. We’ll then help you implement efficient, sustainable changes, supporting your work throughout the entire process – and getting you where you want to be. We provide our consulting, coaching, and support services through a variety of delivery models, including on-site work, sophisticated video platforms, and conferencing.

INCREASE FIDELITY. Bring your leadership team and entire faculty together to listen and respond to the same conversations and learning at the same time. We will start by discussing your interests. What is it you want to achieve? Each time we work with a district or school, keeping the fundamentals in place, we execute differently. This is critically important, as the process must result in the outcomes you want.

CONVENIENCE AND FLEXIBILITY. Learn from the convenience of your chosen location and take advantage of this highly effective option that sustains learning and builds the skills and knowledge of your teams.

DATA-DRIVEN AND COMPREHENSIVE. Our processes are data-driven, research-based, comprehensive, and inclusive. We see our role as providing key levels of support, facilitation, and guidance so that you can direct your energy toward insightful thought, dynamic discussions, and planning for your school or business.

SEAMLESS SUPPORT. Beginning to end, we will assist and support you in focusing on the areas your district wishes to work on first. You’ll receive personalized guidance and instruction from the Associates who have been working with your teams when in-district. Periodic live video communication sessions help to bridge in-district learning sessions. To yield the best results, we’ll design communications, develop agendas, facilitate strategy sessions, organize data, collect input from key stakeholder groups (staff, community, and students), and structure our meetings strategically.


Enhancing Business Performance Across All Industries.

When starting in a new industry or new position, people need the right training. Here at PLC Associates, Inc, we provide extensive training specifically catered to the individual’s unique learning style and skill level. Our work touches all aspects of the business, identifying the areas where better processes, communication, and alignment will lead to improved business performance.

Our business training incorporates client representation as well as management training within the company. Our team includes specialists in the areas of management, finance, governance, psychology, team building, communications, conflict resolution, succession planning, and strategic planning. Before exploring solutions, we will listen and learn more about your strengths and challenges and then choose a course of action that will lay the foundation for a successful future.

Virtual Services

Live Video Communication Solutions for Leadership Teams and Teachers.

Live video communication solutions are a convenient way to extend on-site meetings and continue professional development. Our solution provides wraparound services that increase fidelity while offering convenience and flexibility. With these online teacher training options, PLC Associates Inc. can help your organization’s teachers and leadership team grow while providing support and guidance in between our on-site professional development sessions

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