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Developed by experts and practitioners and designed for individual or district-wide use, PLC Learning Academy offers wrap-around support for principals, teachers, and leaders by addressing the most relevant topics in education today.

You can develop a personalized, actionable learning plan through our Signature Programs and engage with thought leaders in educational webinars and free events. Each series is concise, to the point, and filled with strategies and tools that you can implement immediately. Take action today with PLC Associates, Inc!

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It’s time to focus on the NOW!
With PLC Learning Academy’s webinars and open enrollment sessions, edleaders, teachers, districts, and schools get exclusive access to live seminars that are talking about and demonstrating the most relevant topics, tips, and issues in education today. Gain valuable insight from acclaimed education experts and take your professional learning to the next level!

Free Events

These events offer participants with relevant information and specific action steps to implement the ideas and strategies presented.

When you register for a PLC Associates’ event, you will be provided with an email and Zoom webinar link as confirmation. Note, this is only for webinar-based events. Other events may use different platforms and will be noted in the description.

Metrics that Matter
Are current strategies working? Are we sure? Are we getting the intended results in the expected timeframe?

Schools utilize valuable resources (money, time, people) year over year in planning, professional learning, interventions…long list. This session will assist in “dialing in” – utilizing a targeted approach and streamlining our efforts so that results become predictable – doing the right work, the right way! How great is that?

Join Penny Ciaburri, CEO of PLC Associates, Inc., as she describes three powerful strategies that generate clear metrics for setting goals in terms of culture, gaining perspective around the efficacy of the social/emotional, equity and inclusion components of our schools and critically important – where are we relative to delivering high-quality instruction? Each of these serve a critical purpose in how we organize strategically for impact.

The Data Triangle and SEDH/DEI Climate Surveys include staff, student and families, which allows us to crosswalk the data sets. Prior to any professional learning, The Professional Reflection Leaning Tool is a must – it tells us exactly, our point of entry for planning. Teachers appreciate this, as professional learning becomes highly relevant to what staff want/need. Whether the district or school utilizes all three or a single tool, we are able to benefit from real time baseline data, set precise goals and progress monitor for success. PLC Associates is successfully using these tools with vast numbers of their client schools, posting great results.

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2021 – 2022 Survey Guide
MTSS: What's Important…Are We On The Right Track?

Schools across the nation are vigorously implementing MTSS structures. As we are on the fast track, let’s make sure we have the fundamentals right. Join us for a look at some of the absolute bedrock concepts that must be in place. Great insights.

Wednesday, October 20th from 9:00 to 9:30am ET

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Reenergizing Our School: Move From Surviving Into Thriving!

Schools are now involved in a reset, understandably. As we navigate back into our positive routines, build our “can do” culture and focus in on dynamic teaching and learning, this session will provide specific tools for energizing our work. All in together – join us for these great strategies!

Tuesday, November 23rd from 9:00 to 9:30am ET

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School Leaders - What To Look For With "Look Fors"

Administrators – When you are visiting classrooms – and noticing whether or not instructional and SEL practices are in place – exactly what are you looking for? Let’s get clarity. We will take a virtual walkthrough, making certain we are viewing the right things so that as instructional leaders, we are ready for the right feedback.

Tuesday, November 30th from 9:00 to 9:30am ET

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Teacher and Student Resilience - It's There - Let's Use It!

Students and staff…uplifting thought…coming through challenging times, we have actually developed many skill sets (maybe even unknowingly) which we may build on. Let’s capitalize on resilience. Grit, perseverance, focus, agency and perspective are available to all of us. What’s critical – that we know how to “find” them and use them.

Thursday, December 9th from 9:00 to 9:30am ET

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Open Enrollment Series

Open enrollment events offer participants with relevant, high-impact professional learning and specific action steps to implement the ideas and strategies presented and practiced.

High Impact/Low Cost! (The value pricing for offerings is in each description under “Read more.” Current PLC Clients receive professional courtesy rates.)

Student Success Summit - live national event on November 16th.
Engage your students and join thousands of other high school students from across the country with Dr. Marck Abraham leading an inspiring conversation.

Our live summit focuses on student goal-setting, resiliency, success-driven decision-making, and designing a positive path forward.

Each live session with Dr. Abraham is 60-minutes with a 45-minute live, inspiring session followed by a 15-minute student Q&A.

Choose from the following event options on Tuesday, November 16th.
There are three times available: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, all ET.

And, we have prepared a Summit Success Guidance document to support your key messaging to staff and students around this outstanding event!

More information and to register your high school for this live event at The PLC Learning Academy – Thinkific Platform.

Event price – $895
We offer flexible payment options including credit card and purchase order. Contact us at: for more information.

Strategies to Level-Up Your Leadership. Begins October 27th.
Enhance and protect the important role of your leadership in challenging and changing times.

For newly appointed and current district leaders – would you benefit from:

  • Useful and practical strategies to enhance and protect your leadership during a time of great change and stress.
  • Tilting the table and odds of success through increased efficiency, resiliency and success of leadership and decreasing personal/professional risk.
  • The skill of resiliency will be integrated among all domains, based on Dr. Reed’s book – “Resilient Leadership For Turbulent Times.”
  • Continued dialog and sharing around these topics with us and other district leaders who share similar successes and challenges.

Your instructors:

  • Dr. Diane Reed
  • Dr. Randy Richards
  • Ms. Betsy Smith

As highly successful Superintendents, Dr. Richards, Dr. Reed and Ms. Smith will dive deep into the three domains of leadership and provide critical and useful strategies to be successful in any leadership role. We will also focus on collaborative engagement and networking to help break down the walls of the leadership silos.

Join us starting October 27th – Four live, ninety-minute high-impact sessions!
– All sessions are from 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  1. Overview of “Strategies to Level-Up Your Leadership” – October 27th
  2. Domain 1 – Personal Leadership – November 4th
  3. Domain 2 – Professional Leadership – November 17th
  4. Domain 3 – Communication & Legal Aspects of Leadership – December 1st


Register for this course on The PLC Learning Academy – Thinkific Platform.

Cost is $245. per person.
We offer flexible payment options including credit card and purchase order.
Contact us at: for more information.
We encourage teams and groups of colleagues to attend together!

Virtual PD Series: Transforming Learning for MLLs/ELLs. Cohorts start in September.

Your host, Svetlana Stowell, has designed five high-impact sessions to address relevant content through highly engaging professional learning that addresses your work with students who are part of a vulnerable group needing critical support.

Cohort Session Dates:
September 30 and October 7, 14, 21 & 28
*3:30 to 5:00 each day

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For more information, please contact: Dawnmarie Valenza at Nassau BOCES.

The #EdTech Integration Assessment

A strong plan for instructional technology is key to building capacity and success across a school district. Regardless of the current state, school districts have an opportunity to establish new norms for educational technology through effective planning, professional development, and execution.

This targeted, twenty-question assessment will provide your school with essential information around successfully integrating technology with instructional best practices. This provides a baseline as well as a tool to progress monitor.

Download a paper copy of the assessment.

The #EdTech Systems Assessment

The #EdTech Systems Assessment has been built to highlight the critical questions from each of the 6 Pillars for an Effective Instructional Technology Framework:

Communication, Compliance, Instructional Design, Integration, Strategic Planning, and Technology Management.

This targeted, twenty-question assessment will provide your district with essential information to maximize the use of instructional technology. These Pillars are stronger together and lay the foundation for increased capacity for instructional technology across your organization. This provides a baseline as well as a tool to progress monitor.

Download a paper copy of the assessment.

Enrollment and District Offerings

Power-up your professional learning!

PLC Associates offers outstanding opportunities for each educator to expand on their profession and extend their reach in education.
These are offered both as open enrollment sessions as well as can be customized to your district.

Transforming Learning: High-Quality, Student-Centered Remote Learning

Explicit strategies and ideas to transform instruction and the learning process.

This five-part, “how-to” series focuses on explicit strategies and ideas for student and teacher self- reflection, feedback models, creative assignments, student assessment, and discuss ways to stay connected to our students.

Sessions are focused on how to:

  • create an online environment for student-centered learning to thrive
  • enhance and transform the learning process
  • build student skills, supporting social-emotional health and teacher/student connections
  • choose and use appropriate technology applications
  • creating clear expectations, guided practice and exploration
  • use data regularly to identify each student’s learning needs

Download Overview
Transforming Learning Series

Remote & Hybrid Learning Drill Down Series: Specific Strategies for Your Area of Work!

Impact learning and improve achievement at each level.

These unique and comprehensive offerings respond specifically to the new opportunities we have in education. These grade and content specific offerings will fit exactly to your needs!

Transforming Learning for: (download the overview for each)

Grades Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd

Grades 3rd to 5th

Middle School and High School

Students with Disabilities

Multilingual Learners (MLL) / English Language Learners (ELL)

Each series on High-Quality, Student-Centered Remote Instruction reviews the current states and then provides how to enhance and transform the learning process for student-centered learning to thrive.
How to:

  • provide models and attributes of successful remote learning.
  • build and manage remote and hybrid learning communities.
  • transfer student engagement best practices into the remote learning environment.
  • engage stakeholders, parents, and other caregivers as partners.
  • support social-emotional health and teacher-student connections.
  • use assessments and data regularly to identify each students’ learning needs.
  • target feedback and promote student ownership and self-regulation of learning.
  • choose and use appropriate technology solutions and applications.

Effective Instructional Technology Systems

The Six Pillars of Instructional Technology.

What systems are in already in place to support effective instructional technology? To maximize the use of instructional technology throughout your school district, systems must be established to support all six areas of the effective instructional technology framework.

Alignment across the six areas of effective instructional technology is essential to remote, hybrid and in person learning models. We can help with:
Strategic Planning – Compliance – Integration – Communication – Technology Management – Instructional Design

Download Overview
Effective Instructional Technology Systems

The #EdTech Systems Assessment has been built to highlight the critical questions from each of the 6 Pillars for an Effective Instructional Technology Framework.

  • Communication (Cm) – The clear and consistent flow of information from the technology department to stakeholders.
  • Compliance (Cp) – Ensuring technology systems follow state and federal laws and regulations related to data security and privacy.
  • Instructional Design (ID) – The systematic creation of physical and digital instructional materials.
  • Integration (In) – The effective use of technology by educators and students.
  • Strategic Planning (SP) – Technology decisions are guided by inclusive, multi-year plans which set priorities and maximize resources.
  • Technology Management (TM) – Investing in and improving technology in a way which maximizes fiscal resources.

Take the FREE ASSESSMENT NOW, we will share the results with you.

Supercharge Your Instructional Technology!

Building and supporting strong and effective school systems.

A strong plan for instructional technology is key to building capacity and success across a school district. Regardless of the current state, school districts have an opportunity to establish new norms for educational technology through effective planning and execution.

Areas of Focus

  1. Identify synchronous and asynchronous professional development opportunities and learning resources provided by third party vendors and educational organizations.
  2. Develop a communication plan for instructional technology including best practices for instructional technology, professional development, and growth opportunities, available supports for technology integration and technical support for stakeholders.
  3. Coordinate learning plans for the first weeks of school to include planned opportunities for staff and students to explore learning technologies in a low stakes environment.
  4. Focus on creating engaging, accessible instructional lessons utilizing instructional technology, project based learning and multiple methods of submitting assignments (audio, video, etc.)
  5. Develop weekly plans for learning to build consistency and comfort in remote/hybrid learning platforms.
  6. Reimagine communications between staff, students, and families to prioritize relationship building and personalized support.

Download Overview
Supercharge Your Instructional Technology!

Peak Performance- Reveal Your Path

Achieving your personal and professional best!

Education leaders are facing incredible challenges in our current climate. We must grow our schools and move our personal and team’s capacity and skills forward, while creating and implementing solutions to new problems.

PLC can help you achieve your personal and professional best through Peak Performance- Reveal Your Path.

Participants experience breakthrough results. Our clients gain clarity, focus and balance, while identifying their goals, creating action plans, and implementing a system for follow through.

  • 1:1 Sessions: Individual 1-hour sessions offered bi-weekly with our facilitators.
  • Mastermind Calls: Four group calls using the Mastermind Format to drive Peak Performance.
  • Discovery Exercises: Individualized self-guided activities to create your plan forward.
  • Tips, Tools, Tactics: Resources cultivated from the best practices of highest performers.
  • Collaboration: Connect with colleagues in this group and from our National Network.

Download Overview
Peak Performance- Reveal Your Path

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