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Join us for a brand new three-part webinar series, "Empowering Educational Excellence," designed to equip educators and leaders with the strategies, insights, and approaches to drive success within their schools.
We will unravel the keys to energizing teams, propelling classroom success, and harnessing the right data for informed decision-making. 

Join us for this series – attend one or all. Descriptions for each of the sessions are listed below.


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Upcoming sessions included in the webinar series:


September 28th | School Is In Session: Key Messages To Energize Your Team!  10am - 10:30am EDT

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The beginning of every school year creates an outstanding opportunity to lay the groundwork for a successful year. We will be examining some of the dynamic messages that will energize staff and provide momentum for embracing the year with enthusiasm and focus. Join us to learn more about setting up for a banner year.


October 5th | Just In Time: Critical Coaching for Success In The Classroom  10am - 10:30am EDT

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Not all classroom strategies are created equal. Let’s consider – what teaching and learning strategies, especially at the beginning of each year, will contribute to the highly engaged classroom where students are active participants? We will discuss ways to really “fire up” what happens in our classrooms and then go a step further, in creating habits of practice.


October 12th | The Right Time and the Right Data: The Role of Status Checks  10am - 10:30am EDT

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Now that we are a month and half to two months into the start of the academic year, it’s time to operationalize our status checks. This creates an opportunity for full staff to examine student performance in the early stages of the academic year and measuring the progress as we build our capacity and strengthen our teaching and learning strategies.