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Spring is the time of year our schools are building their 23-24 plans. Join us for this series – attend one or all. 

The content is specifically designed for school leaders as we hold that important responsibility for positioning our respective schools for results. The right plan is the beginning. The key question: have your school plans resulted in measurable gains? The next one will - let us support you on this.
And for our New York State schools – the model and strategies we are using align exactly to the requirement so the NYS SCEP plans.


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Upcoming sessions included in the webinar series:


May 10th | Teaching and Learning at the Center - Content to Include in Your School Plan  9:30am - 10-15am EDT

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The five areas where we must have ready strategies, let’s dive deep – student ownership of learning and agency, classroom based engagement strategies, checking for understanding with targeted student feedback, complex, rigorous questions and differentiate instruction and practice. As we build our school based plans, pedagogy matters- we must have ready strategies.


May 17th | School Improvement - Is It Really? Constructing School Based Plans that Impact  9:30am - 10-15am EDT

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Schools are in an important time now, especially as we look forward and create those solid plans that will continue to move us forward into our upcoming year. Join highly acclaimed educator, former ASI and accomplished school leader, Betsy Conners as she shares the “how to strategies” for designing plans that make a difference.


May 23rd | Get the Data Advantage - An Important Part of Your School Based Plan  9:30am - 10-15am EDT

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The right data – in order for schools to improve and systematically measure progress year over year, we need a data set that does just that. Join Betsy Smith, an expert in strategic and school based planning as she discusses why five key areas: leadership structures and practices, curriculum, teaching and learning, student supports and family connection are critical areas for us to have precise data points which document where we are making progress, where challenges exist and how close we are to hitting our target goals.