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Developed by experts and practitioners and designed for individual or district-wide use, PLC International Learning Academy offers wrap-around support for principals, teachers, and leaders around-the-world by addressing the most relevant topics in education today.

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Social Emotional Learning: Creating Equitable Learning Spaces


Instructor: Dr. Margy Jones-Carey

Explore the concepts of social and emotional competence along with strategies to teach these.

  • Explore the five elements of social/emotional competence.
  • Learn how to infuse and integrate high-impact strategies into your classroom.
  • Create a welcoming/nurturing classroom while maintaining high expectations for academic success.

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Intentional Instruction and Assessment


Instructor: Dr. Margy Jones-Carey

Refine your understanding of intentional planning, instruction, and assessment in promoting academic success for all students.

  • Explore the best practices of intentional instruction as connected to planning, delivery and assessment.
  • Discuss the best lesson designs contributing to the highly effective and focused instructional practices that result in immediate student gains.
  • Identify high-impact assessments and formative feedback practices that predictably promote greater student success.

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Increasing Student Engagement: Student Voice and Student Choice


Instructor: Dr. Margy Jones-Carey

Examine the roles of student voice and student choice in increasing student engagement.

  • Discuss the compelling research and identified best practices that support student engagement.
  • Detail ready-to-implement strategies and models for integrating student voice as it relates to their ownership of learning.
  • Define and describe the elements of a student-centered classroom that students find both dynamic and engaging.

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