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PLC Associates’ webinars feature advice and insights from skilled practitioners backed by research-based best-practices. Get exclusive access to on-demand webinars that edleaders, teachers and schools are talking about.

Our associate-led webinars provide you with most relevant topics, tips, and issues in education today. Gain valuable insight from acclaimed education experts and take your professional learning to the next level!

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Past Webinar Events

A Conversation on Social Emotional Learning and Equity

Join us for an interesting conversation on two aspects of Diversity, Equity of Access and Inclusion. The facilitators will be discussing perspectives on building the kind of school culture that allows these practices to sustain. As well, we will be addressing the...

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What’s Your School’s Blueprint For Success?

A strong plan of support for students and teachers is key to success in every middle and high school. Regardless of the current state, schools have an opportunity to establish new norms through effective collaboration, planning, and execution. Join Betsy and David to...

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How to Supercharge Your #EdTech Professional Learning

K12 schools and districts are working diligently to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and a “new normal” for educating students. Learning fueled by #EdTech is here to stay and professional learning plans must evolve to empower teachers to thrive today, and into the...

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Equity in High School: Does All Really Mean All?

As educators, we know that actions speak louder than words. What does it really sound like and look like in your high school when you say we believe all means all? Do the actions and words of stakeholders reinforce the message to our students that we want you here, we...

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How to Build Effective Instructional Technology Systems

K12 schools and districts are struggling to maximize the impact of #EdTech during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Mike and Emory have a plan for that! Compliance and integration challenges stemmed from hundreds of software titles being made available for free last spring....

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