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Join us for an interesting conversation on two aspects of Diversity, Equity of Access and Inclusion. The facilitators will be discussing perspectives on building the kind of school culture that allows these practices to sustain. As well, we will be addressing the self-care component so important for students as well as staff.

Consider: When a child has fewer resources and more threats to their psychological, emotional, behavioral and social growth, their very foundation for learning is impacted. Correspondingly, when school culture lacks understanding, empathy, care and true regard for those in the environment, our capacity, as educators, to accomplish goals and meet challenges, is compromised.

This unique session will provide true insights into successful DEI practices and what self-care really means. Glad to have you with us!

Webinar Hosts: Dr. Margy Jones-Carey and Dr. Jared Scherz (TeacherCoach)

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