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2020 presented challenges none of us could have foreseen. Educators rose to the challenge in unprecedented ways… and many times our sense of efficacy, purpose, and impact was tested.

Heading into the summer and fall of 2021 it will be important to pause and consider:
–How will we continue to tap into the power of Collective Teacher Efficacy to re-energize our schools’ sense of purpose and impact?
–In what ways has our new learning from the past year forever shaped a new vision for teaching and learning?
–How will that new learning shape what we start, stop, and continue as we transition back to in-person classrooms?

Join us for this interactive webinar as we explore the power of Collective Teacher Efficacy and why re-energizing this for a school’s community can lead to consistently positive outcomes for all learners.

Webinar Hosts: Christina Lesh and Kate Palumbo

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