What does it look like and sound like for all learners to be attracted to their work, persist despite challenges and take visible delight in accomplishing their work in a remote space?

We will examine new ways to understand engagement in remote settings and the intentional teacher moves that foster an engaged classroom culture.

As a bonus, all participants will be provided with planning tools and resources they can put to use right away in their own practice. As our gift to you, we have linked here a folder that contains the agenda and deck for our session. We invite you to replicate this learning with your teams.

Your hosts will show you what student engagement looks like and sounds like in a remote setting and describe specific teacher moves that invite students into high-quality engagement in a remote learning space.

“Students are engaged when they are attracted to their work, persist despite challenges and obstacles, and take visible delight in accomplishing their work.” — Adam Fletcher

After watching our webinar, check out our #EdTech Integration Assessment authored by Emory Roethel and Carolyn Tinsley. This assessment helps us identify entry points including organizational strengths and challenges.

Webinar Hosts: Christina Lesh and Carolyn Tinsley-Tremmel

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