K12 schools and districts are working diligently to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and a “new normal” for educating students. Learning fueled by #EdTech is here to stay and professional learning plans must evolve to empower teachers to thrive today, and into the future. This forces us to ask the question, are current instructional technology supports about the “stuff” (apps) or substance (instruction)?

A strong plan for educational technology is key to building capacity and success across a school district. Regardless of the current state, school districts have an opportunity to establish new norms through effective planning and execution. By aligning tools to instructional best practices, Supercharge Your #EdTech Professional Learning offers a flexible plan for building instructional technology capacity throughout the school district driven by relevant data.

Mike and Emory are putting this work into practice with districts they serve, maximizing professional learning opportunities and ensuring staff members are well-prepared to support their students and families.

We design targeted offerings and solutions to meet the needs of your district focused on strategically using instructional technology to support teacher training leading to improved teaching and learning: in-person, hybrid & remote learning models. We can support your district to achieve this!

This is part of our Effective Instructional Technology Systems Series.

After watching our webinar, check out our #EdTech Integration Assessment authored by Emory and Carolyn Tinsley. This assessment helps us identify entry points including organizational strengths and challenges.

Webinar Hosts: Mike Newman and Emory Roethel

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