Educators play a critical role in framing our mindsets to focus on the assets, aspirations, skills, and resources that our ELLs and SWDs bring with them. Phrases such as “language barrier” or “achievement gap” imply physical obstacles exist when in fact the concern is really about developing language, or skills and strategies to succeed. Our mindsets and language shape our instructional decisions.

With remote and hybrid instruction, it is key for educators to approach instruction with an eye on the needs of an individual learner rather than an overarching statement about “all these students”.

So how does an asset-based mindset and our language shape instructional decisions so that all learners are provided equitable access to grade-level learning?

Your hosts will share with you what they have been learning along with educators across the country about implementing an asset-based approach to teaching and learning for ELLs and SWDs in remote and hybrid settings. Participants will explore actionable resources and tools that they can put into practice right away.

Webinar Hosts: Svetlana Stowell, Margy Jones-Carey and Christina Lesh

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