SimpliCollege and PLC Associates, Inc. are working together to assist schools, students, and families across the nation have a successful experience as we move through the all-important high school years and planning next steps. SimpliCollege is an easy-to use, inexpensive tool, especially for students and families, to utilize. Planning post-secondary experiences can be very challenging – so many decisions, and it starts in grade eight!

About The Program:
This is a very unique program, offered jointly, from PLC Associates, Inc. and SimpliCollege. We understand the challenges of structuring the high school experience so that first, students want to be in school and… then, that their experience is relevant, engaging and confidence-building for the many exciting opportunities and challenges that will be coming next. This is what PLC Associates does best! SimpliCollege, as a support system, adds a tremendous dimension to making this possible!

PLC Associates, Inc., a well-recognized field leader with its expert team of over 50 Associates assists schools in achieving high performance. The PLC Associates Team knows schools, has an outstanding track record of successes and will be offering supports in concert with SimpliCollege. Comprehensive, high-impact supports will include: workshops for schools, students, and families, as well as strategies for creating and building a positive and supportive school culture. Additionally, schools will have access to the vast PLC Associates, Inc. compilation of resources, tools, and strategies for first achieving, and then sustaining, great results!

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Your package, will include these elements, plus…PLC support:

  • Comprehensive lessons on what to look for in a college
  • Instruction on the financial aid process (FAFSA, student loans, etc.)
  • Explanations and templates for use in the financial aid award appeal process
  • Specific instructions on applying to military academies and two-year schools
  • SimpliStudent lessons and year by year checklist for schools, students and families
  • Content, advisory lessons and templates for students and families
  • Reports and analytics for the school and for students
  • Self-guided process based on family’s timeline with numerous links for resources
  • Instructions and examples of resume creation.

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One counselor shared with us, “Having SimpliCollege saves me from answering the same questions continually and allows me to have in-depth conversations with my families about what they need for college. It saves me a ton of time, and I know that they’re getting the right information from a very-well constructed source with accurate and helpful content.”

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