How are you supporting students to stay on track and guide each of them towards post-high school success? This webinar focuses on sharing some successful systems, structures, and strategies to make this a reality for all students!

SimpliCollege and PLC Associates, Inc. are working together to assist schools, students, and families across the nation have a successful experience as we move through the all-important high school years and planning next steps.

The Magic of Success In High School: Five Need To Knows!
—How do we set up a culture of success wherein students take ownership of their learning?
—What are some to keys to student motivation and “staying on track”?
—How can counselors best work with students and families to encourage success?
—What are some of the guidelines in making great career choices consistent with students’ interests and passion?
—How do we make sure there is equity for all students in creating success, both in the high school years and post-secondary?

Your hosts will show you how SimpliCollege can support families with College questions, how to guide for every step of the College process, and strategies for selecting and paying for college.

One counselor shared with us, “Having SimpliCollege saves me from answering the same questions continually and allows me to have in-depth conversations with my families about what they need for college. It saves me a ton of time, and I know that they’re getting the right information from a very-well constructed source with accurate and helpful content.”

Webinar Hosts: Sam Feeney (SimpliCollege), Penny Ciaburri and Betsy Conners

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