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A strong plan of support for students and teachers is key to success in every middle and high school. Regardless of the current state, schools have an opportunity to establish new norms through effective collaboration, planning, and execution.

Join Betsy and David to examine how we can work collaboratively to develop student-centered and teacher-centered action plans to meet the needs of our middle and high schools. Your hosts explore:
– How you open doors to collaboration that includes key stakeholders?
– How to address barriers to learning and teaching?
– How we empower our students and provide the necessary support to put them in the driver’s seat of their academic progress, attendance, and social emotional needs?
– How we ensure that no student falls through the cracks and is on track to graduate? And what might those systems look like?

Betsy Conners and David are putting this work into practice with the schools they serve.

Webinar Hosts: Betsy Conners and David Zimbler

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